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The human body is wonderful machine and it has been endowed with many sensory organs as well as visual organ. There is no doubt that our eyes are one of the most powerful organs and the facility of seeing through this is a highly critical and powerful sensory facility that nature has endowed us with. When we see things that are with our visual field, we truly are able to enjoy the various colors, shades and hues that the world and nature has to offer to us.

The best part is that the colors we see and enjoy remains embedded in our memory till we leave this mortal world. It is quite obvious that the sense of sight is something that always remains functional. We need to also bear in mind that 90% of the all the information that is available in our brain gets transmitted via the visual mode. Further, we also may not be aware of the fact that our brain can process image, color, graphs and pictorial representations around 60,000 faster when compared to the text mode.

Why Is Visual Impact So Very Important In Business?

When you are in a business, you must be dealing with products and services. When you are promoting your products and services, you certainly must be making regular and constant use of images, video, pictures and other visual forms of representations. When a client or a prospective client sees something in the pictorial or visual form, he or she is likely to be influenced much more when compared to a textual form of communication.

If you are a serious businessperson willing to move up the ladder in a highly competitive environment you must understand the importance and significance of color photography. Visual representation of facts, figures and the finer points of your product or service is certainly one of the most powerful medium and therefore you must pay the required attention to commercial corporate photography. We are sharing some of the obvious benefits and advantages associated with this form of information sharing to existing clients and also prospective customers.

First Impression Makes a Big Difference

We need to bear in mind that we are working in a highly competitive, fast-paced and tough business environment. Any products or services that you may be dealing with may have scores of competitors. In such a tough and challenging situation, you may only have one chance to impress your prospective customer. The best way to do it is through intelligently thought out and presented commercial corporate photographs. If you want to convert a lead into a positive business proposition, then you must make sure that your prospect is able to find value with the information that you are offering for the first time. Towards this objective, a good commercial photography could make all the difference. If you want to live by the promise that first impression is the best impression, then it is vital for you to make sure that you have the best commercial corporate photography team at your disposal.

The Right Approach Is Needed

The biggest challenge with most companies is that they are not very capable when it comes to offering the right commercial corporate photography to their clients. While they may be having the best of products and/or services, they need to juxtapose the same with their corporate ideology and objective and offer something that could be called a complete and total package. This is what effective commercial photography is all about.

If you are unsure about it, it would be better to hand over the task to professional commercial photography professionals. They know how to go about it and they also would be aware of the fact that depending on too many stock photographs may not do the job, especially with existing customers. You need to be innovative in your commercial corporate photography and this is where the role or professional photographers and brand builders could make a big difference.

Understanding Corporate Photography

You must have a reasonably good understanding of corporate photography, or as an entrepreneur, you must make sure that you hire the right one. There are many aspects of corporate photography for any commercial firm, (big or small) and we are sharing a few of them. You must understand that there is a difference between product commercial photography and corporate photography.

  • Team photography
  • Photographs of corporate offices.
  • Employee related photographs
  • Corporate brand related photographs
  • Headshots pertaining to the corporate philosophy and objective.

You must do your research and get in touch with experienced and proven professionals. Paying a visit to sites like is highly recommended because of obvious reasons. They know how to offer customized as well as readymade solutions for all your needs and requirements.


To sum it all up, please understand that commercial and corporate photography are two different cups of tea. When they are merged properly, they can literally create magic for you and if you have a website, these photographs will help your branding objectives and also further your product features and other positive attributes.