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Corporate video production in Malaysia is a great way to boost your business. Most people prefer to watch videos of a product instead of hearing about them. You certainly won't want to miss out on potential clients to your competitors just because they are making their brand and business more appealing to their clients.

If you are still not convinced, then here are nine amazing corporate video production benefits that will help you jump-start your business marketing.

1. Brings More Traffic from Videos

Videos generate two-thirds of all internet traffic. This means if you are not using corporate video production services for your business, you are missing out on a massive amount of organic internet traffic for your business. If you use videos on your website to describe your products and services, then you are most likely to get quality organic internet traffic. More traffic means more potential clients and higher sales and revenue.

2. Boosts Social Media Exposure through Videos

A video is most likely to get shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc bringing huge social media mindshare to your business. People want to share a message with others that invoked a poignant response in them hoping it will influence others too.

Ultimately, it's about getting your business and brand name out there in public. The chances increase dramatically when there is a video.

3. Improves SEO Ranking

Using videos to market your business means your business will show up more on Google search results than your competitors who don't use it. Google is the go-to place for online research of any kind and thanks to their Universal Search feature, websites with videos started to rank higher By using a video, you can ensure your potential clients can find you easily and get ahead of your competitors

4. Put Forward Your Corporate Brand Story Online

Videos let you tell your story to your potential clients in an engaging way even for small businesses. This is because videos allow describing your products and services without any commercial restrain. TV and radio commercials are usually 30- or 60-seconds spots, but there is no such limit on your corporate videos. Although you can produce videos as long as you like, it's ideal to keep your video production within five minutes.

5. Creates Online Brand Awareness

Videos can create strong hysterical feelings and responses among users. Engage with your potential clients by invoking strong hysterical responses with high-quality corporate videos for your business

Your video message will create a long-lasting impression among your potential clients than letting them to just read words. Making a long-lasting impression among your clients is essential for your business' improved brand awareness and future growth.

6. Brings Higher ROI

High-quality corporate videos can bring higher ROI for your business in the long run. Asking what is the cost of producing corporate videos is extraneous considering what you will get in return in the long run.

Most businesses that use corporate videos will tell you it delivers on the investment and brings higher ROI. Otherwise, they won't be hopping on the bandwagon if it was not profitable for them.

7. Assert Customer Testimonials

Another useful way to tell your potential customers to know what your past customers think about your products and services is by creating videos of your past customers describing their experience with your products and services.

Be honest with the responses so it does not look orchestrated. Allow your most enunciate and descriptive customers to tell your brand's story on your behalf and influence potential customers via quality video production.

8. Opportunity for Strong Call-to-Action

Corporate videos also give you the opportunity for strong call-to-action after a clear and powerful emotional message.

The call-to-action is the message of buying your product to your potential customers. Corporate videos with strong call-to-action will inspire your potential customers and generate more leads and sales for your business than traditional marketing.

9. Mobile-Friendly

The number of videos watched on mobile devices is increasing with each passing year. With the number of people carrying mobile devices continues to increase, the number of videos being watched on mobile devices will also increase accordingly

If you can make your videos responsive and mobile-friendly, then you can reach even more users than you normally do with traditional methods.

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