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Years ago many companies in Malaysia were using stock photographs online for their websites and marketing channels. However, increasingly businesses are realizing the importance of corporate photography for brand building. Companies are investing a large amount for marketing and branding, and if they use the same stock photos which their competitors or other companies are also using, it can cause confusion and adversely affect the company image. Hence businesses should invest some money and hire a competent and professional corporate photographer like Firstman Videos who will provide the high quality photos and videos for marketing, promotion and branding.

There are different categories of photos and videos which are being used for corporate branding purposes. Every business is closely linked with the top management team including CEO or business owner who are the main decision makers. Their photo is often required for regulatory purposes, like filing company registration and for marketing, promotional purposes. If the company is mentioned in the mainstream media or trade journals, the photo of the company management or business owner will be included. The business website also usually includes a photo of the management team. In addition to immediate recognition, this ensures that few will try to impersonate the company management.

So it is important to take high quality photos of the management team, which can be used extensively for branding, and other purposes like press releases. While conservative businesses like law firms, the photos taken should be traditional, chest upwards, the photographer can be more creative when taking photos for other kinds of businesses like event organizers, catering firms, restaurants and real estate firms. They can vary the background and the pose of the members of the management teams so that they have a unique look, differentiating the photos from other businesses.

In addition to the management team photos, the company will also take group photos of the various employees of the company. These photos are used for brand building and also for recruiting new employees. These photos provide important information about the employee profile and culture. Depending on the nature of the business, some new companies mainly have young employees, while others especially well established companies have older employees. The photos also indicate the dress code in the company, whether it is formal or casual, whether employees have to wear a uniform. These photos may be used in recruitment ads so that the company attracts the right kind of job applicants.

Another very important aspect of corporate photography which is used extensively for branding are the photos of the office or business premises. Many companies are investing a large amount of money in their office decor, which reflects the work culture of their company. Companies who have posh offices can use the photos to create the right impression on clients and attract the kind of talented employees. Manufacturing companies may also require photos of their factories and the machinery, equipment installed, to assure customers that they have the facilities required to manufacture the product after orders are placed.

Business photography is usually associated with photos of the products being sold by the company. It is important to ensure that high quality photos are taken which make the product look more attractive so that customers will feel like ordering it. In these photos the product is usually highlighted while the background is blurred or not visible. Photos and videos showing the customer how to use the product are also required. These should be professionally made by the corporate photographer and may be used in product brochures, instruction manuals, on the website, social media and for other applications where the product is being showcased.

Additionally most companies, especially larger companies are organizing many corporate events like sales events, training sessions, trade shows, conferences, meetings, parties for employees and customers. In addition to being an excellent opportunity for networking and team building, these photos, videos can also be used for marketing purposes and branding. Hence it is necessary for the company to hire a professional corporate photographer who will make high quality photos and videos which can be used extensively online on the company website, and on social media channels to increase awareness of the company, its services or products and showcasing the company corporate culture.